About Milan Palma

Milan Palma’s approach to what he designs and creates is a very personal one. His experience as the head designer of accessories at one of the world’s leading Denim brands has lead him to long for more authenticity, to create bold, elegant, honest products unmistakably distinguishable from their peers in quality and detail. Items that are less of a passing fashion and more of a lasting classic.

Drawing inspiration from the rich European history of artisans and craftsmanship he has begun designing and hand-making his own leather goods, taking pride in creating an environment in which he oversees every aspect and detail of his products from beginning to end. All materials are sourced from Europe and all of his bags are individually made in his Atelier in Maastricht with great care, attention for detail and expertise. His finished product being a fine example of the importance of being personally involved and reflects a high quality not found in mass produced goods. Milan Palma is self taught, a perfectionist and in a short time has established himself as a quality artisan beyond his years.

In Milan’s view his customers are not just consumers, they are people with needs and desires who deserve products that are of the highest quality. He wants to ensure his leather goods have a long and well used life that are enjoyed by the people who use them daily. Milan’s choice to incorporate new leather with raw edges emphasizes its functionality but also ensures that time and use will add to the products aesthetic.

It becomes an expression of understated quality with a rough edge, an inspiration from the Old World to create a New Classic.